Openreach have now given us an estimated cost for the installation of a fibre connection from the Rudham exchange to the properties listed under our scheme. 

The initial cost estimate is of £46.808. Our job now is to explore any grants and schemes that we can access to put towards funding this project. The letter below explains the offer.


East Rudham XX Tatterford FTTP
Thank you for asking us to investigate bringing a jointly funded fibre broadband solution to your community. We’ve now carried out some preliminary work so we can give you an idea of the likely costs to bring Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) to your area, which would give download speeds of up to 1Gbps.
Through this co-funded approach, we’ll cover all costs for this project that fall within our own commercial threshold. This means that the figures estimated below represent the remaining cost that your community would need to contribute to enable us to deliver an FTTP network.
Core community – 52 Premises
Initial Estimate – £46808
Cost Per Premise – £900.15
Please note that only the properties that are listed in the tables below would be included in the upgrade and the estimates we’ve provided are subject to change, pending a survey.
Once you’ve had the opportunity to discuss these initial estimates with your community please let me know so I can understand your preferred way forward and give you help as need be. I’m happy to arrange a chat with you as a group so that we can explain anything to you in more detail and outline the next steps. We can also look at what grants and vouchers may be available to you and your community to help meet some of the costs towards bringing you fibre infrastructure.
If you’re keen to proceed we’ll produce a formal offer letter for you and from there, produce a contract – there’s no obligation to proceed until you sign the contract.
East Rudham XX Tatterford
I look forward to hearing from you.
With kindest regards,
Martin Crutchley
Rural Engagement Manager