Fundraising is sadly a fact of everyday life for virtually every Church building, and the Coxford Group churches are no exception.

To easily help raise funds for your Church when buying goods or services via the internet many sites can be accessed through
      By reaching over 20,000 internet sites through this medium a small proportion of money
can be directed to your Church which will help us keep the building in good condition.


South Raynham Church

Some of you may have noticed that the exterior of St Martin’s church has been repaired. The work involved a lot of structural renewal, more than was anticipated. The repairs to the exterior of the church are still in progress and much remains to be done. We are not sure when the work will be completed. We are taking advantage of the situation by renewing the electrical system whilst there is easy access.

Tattersett Church
The ceiling of the chancel (east end of the church where the alter is) is falling in. It is generally agreed that the entire ceiling will need to be renewed. We are holding a small number of events to raise money for this and details will appear in due course.