Fundraising is sadly a fact of everyday life for virtually every Church building, and Tatterford is no exception.

We have recently had sight of the latest Quinquennial Report on the fabric of the building, following an inspection that was carried out last spring. Most of the urgent tasks are, thankfully, fairly easy to undertake, and we are hoping that these first repairs can be tackled by our own, volunteer labour from within the parish and congregation.

Our first task is to replace the old underground rainwater drains, emptying into a new soak-away. The materials are due to cost around £600 and we have raised all but £150 of this figure from local sources. Travis Perkins Building Supplies has donated £150, and the Tattersett Parish Council helped with the same figure. Another £150 has been generously given by a local individual.

If you would like to donate any monies towards this repair, we, at Tatterford Church, would be very grateful. Within a few days we shall have a Just Giving account set up where you can donate funds towards our Church.

Thankyou so much for any help that you are able to offer.